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Is NASCAR considering team budget caps?

Across the professional sports landscape financial mechanisms are used to prevent stick-and-ball teams from spending themselves into oblivion while at the same time leveling the playing field to improve competition.   More...
NASCAR will have a new inspection system in place for the 2018 season, with a full-fledged rollout of a process that was tested at four tracks last year.   More...
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Video: First look at NASCAR's new Hawk-Eye inspection system
In the continued pursuit of parity, NASCAR is set to roll out a new inspection process this season, and it’s a device right out of Star Trek.

Starting with Daytona Speedweeks, the at-track inspection process will consist of three stations, down from the five that were used during the 2017 season. Those three stations will be engines, chassis and this state-of-the-art new system.   More...
New 2018 inspection process aims to ‘create a level playing field’