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Shane Beck
On-Air: Host
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Shane Beck host of The Racing Fan Show since 2001. He has been involved in auto racing since the late 80's. He raced himself with his first race car being a 1969 Ford Torino with a 289hp engine. Shane not only has driven race cars he has owned a racing team.

The Racing Fan Show will be celebrating it's 18th season on the air in 2020.  It has been known that Shane truely cares about the sport and the drivers and teams.  It is important to him to make sure the fans know who the locals are and to help promote a family oriented sport.  As a young boy he would spend many hours with his dad at his local race track, Bonneville Raceway.  He has carried that tradition on with his own son and plans to as well with his grandsons. 
Steve Schoenfeld
On Air: Host
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Steve a “MOTORHEAD” since birth!  Having been born into a racing family who spends it's weekends at dragstrips and working on race cars has been fortunate to have won a few Wally's of his own.  Steve's dad taught him everything he knows about racing and has since passed on, however, it's believed that from time to time his dad still rides with him down the quarter mile.  Steve gives the show an inside point of view to the NHRA Drag Racing scene.
On-Air Staff:

Russ Sala Jr.
NASCAR Insider On-Air / Writer
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Russ Sala Jr. has been with Racing Fan Radio & Media Group since 2002.  With a background of announing at Rocky Mountain Raceways through 2004, Russ was a perfect fit for the show. 

Russ born and raised for some time in Seattle, WA before moving to Utah.  A die hard sports fan who has a passion for auto racing.  Auto His father Russ Sala Sr. raced spring cars in Washington and that is where it all began for Russ Jr..  He enjoys following open wheel racing with a great love for the World of Outlaws and USAC racing.  Does Russ have a favorite driver, not sure about that but the others hosts would say it may be Tony Stewart.